IMG_20160210_222633[1]Friends of the interwebs, it’s that time again!

Later this month I will be making the kindle version of the first book in the Dan and Frankie series, Dan and Frankie Save the World, FREE to download on kindle. Please note, this will be for a limited time only, so those looking to snag themselves a copy, don’t miss out!

The offer will begin August 26th, and will run until the 30th.

I’ll post an update closer to the date, just to remind everybody.

And that’s all from me. You can get back to your Pokemon Go, now.

Stay fresh, you scallywags!


P.S., For those of you who do pick up a copy, remember to leave a review! Reviews are an important part of a book’s life cycle, and an invaluable tool when it comes to raising a book’s online ranking/visibility. Also, they make me feel really, really good. And it’s important that you make me feel good. (I have the launch codes).


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