*News Incoming!*

FrontCover_finalOkay, so some big things are happening in the world of Dan and Frankie right now. But because it would be inappropriate of me to say any more at this stage, I’m gonna just go ahead and say that, like, STAY TUNED, or whatever. Seriously. Don’t change that channel. Shit’s about to go off.

Speaking of Dan and Frankie, the boys have been pretty busy of late. Abby has moved into the apartment, creating a whole new dynamic for the guys to deal with. Frankie has become concerned with the current political climate, for reasons he could not even begin to specify — mostly because he doesn’t know. He’s still very confused. This morning Dan found what he thought was a shoe filled with money whilst on the bus, but turns out it was just expired food coupons. So that was a shame.

But overall, I’m pleased to report they’re doing just fine.

On a side note, I’d also like to say a big congratulations to the winners of this month’s giveaway. Your books are in the mail.

And that’s about all I have to say right at this current moment.

Expect more updates in the weeks and months to follow.



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